Friday, May 8, 2009

1st Annual Alumni Mile

As we all remarked after the event, it was the most fun event any of us has done in a real long time. First, it was great to be back in College Park. Second, it appeared as if the Alumni Mile really was the highlight of the meet. The college kids enjoyed watching the old folks get after it. There were 14 people in the race, and next year you lazy POS's better come out and run. NO EXCUSES!!

Here are official results:

1 Davis, Joshua 4:34.82
2 Reaves, Patrick 4:36.74
3 Allen, Doug 4:44.64
4 Simpson, Joseph 4:51.58
5 Sanders, Matt 4:59.15
6 Scott, Tom 5:01.22
7 Jefferson, Laurel 5:05.44
8 McGrath, Ryan 5:13.96
9 Van Allen, Bobby 5:20.09
10 Carney, Allison 5:29.14
11 Winkert, Tom 5:33.65
12 Sheappard, Rosalind 5:44.52
13 Knickman, Denise 5:56.53
14 Gorga, Shari 6:23.66

So as you can see it was a fairly legitimate race but everyone had a blast. The kid that won and the kid that got 4th I think are still in school, graduating soon, but that's cheating. Doug ran a hell of a race. So did Sanders and Laurel.

Danielle Siebert did a great job with the meet, and particularly this portion. I ran into Anton, aka Jigga @ Wam, and talked to him for a while. There was a tent for alums and they brought in a bunch of Chick-Fil-A sandwiches for us. To me, they're starting to do the right things to get the alumni involved. They could have charged an entry fee for this race and I would have gladly paid it - I'd rather give them my money that way than through a golf outing. So I think they're on the right path. Now we just need the rest of you to come out to the event!

After the race Doug, myself and Sanders went out to Santa Fe, then Cornerstone, then Bentley's - it was absurd. Also absurd is paying covers. We closed the place down and then Doug and I went to Cluck U. Guess who is still working there? Cluck U Pac!

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