Monday, December 22, 2008


Welcome to our new blog, designed for the former members of the University of Maryland cross-country and track programs. I know many of you are on other social networking sites and keep in touch, but I thought this would be a nice and easy way to see what just this group is up to.

I obviously just set it up, and I'll tinker around with the layout and look, but as I dole out the permissions to become a contributor, feel free to start posting about whatever! It's nice to hear about what running events are going on in people's lives but certainly don't think it's just about running. If you'd like to let everyone know what else you've been up to, post some pictures of travels or family, or just say hi - go ahead!

For those who haven't used this type of blog before, it's really easy to use. In order to post, as long as you're set up as a contributor, just come to the blog and sign in and start posting. For now I'll keep it open so if you want to comment on a post you'll be able to do that without signing in, but sometimes spammers hit the comments section so we'll monitor that.

If you should have any questions, just send me an email. If you want to forward onto others, and they'd like to be added - just have them shoot me an email and I'll do that.

I'll also add two features that I have on my current team blog that everyone can play with - one is a calendar that you can add events to, and the other will be an area for you to put down your race results.